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Adjustable Ski Poles

Leki Guide Lite 2
The slim high-strength aluminum Guide Lite 2 a versatile ski touring pole for use on any terrain. This adjustable two-section pole is adjustable between 110-150cm, allowing for different pole lengths based on terrain. Equipped with the new Aergon Air grip which has been improved in numerous ways and redesigned in terms of comfort and control. Special hollow core technology combines lightweight construction and large, supportive surfaces meet all the ergonomic requirements of your hand. Maximum grip and control when going downhill is provided by the rubberized grip back of the Aergon Air. The inclined angle supports your wrist for optimal guidance and placement of the pole and contributes to safety on the mountain. This stable mountaineering pole is equipped with a flex tip, allowing the Big Mountain Binding Basket to be added directly on the mountain in case of snow.
Leki Haute Route 2
The HAUTE ROUTE 2 is made with high-strength aluminum giving the pole exceptional durability without added weight. The HAUTE ROUTE 2 comes with the Speed Lock + adjusting on the fly simple and secure. The comfortable Aergon grip has a large, ergonomic support surface on the grip head and an edge-free outer shape making a perfect platform for pushing off when palming the grip head. The HAUTE ROUTE 2 has a foam grip extension providing control in every grip position. The HAUTE ROUTE 2 has infinite adjustability between 110–150 cm.
Atlas Snowshoes Trail Walking 2-Pc Poles
Find your rhythm and maintain stability on the most technical terrain. The lightweight Atlas Adjustable Snowshoe Poles feature an adjustable locking mechanism that clamps securely and releases effortlessly, providing easy packability and on-the-fly adjustments. - Adjustable to 130cm.
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