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Dinosaurs Will Die Darrah

Dinosaurs Will Die Darrah
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Are all your circuits maxed out with the day-to-day distractions and responsibilities? And when it comes to your snow days, do you have a hard time deciding what terrain you want to ride? Or which board to strap into? Let us take a load off your mind and help you find some peace with the latter. The Darrah board is your golden ticket to a great day on any terrain in any conditions. A medium flex board with Goldie camber on a SINtered base. You’ll be in heavenly bliss … until those mind monsters start chattering about “last run” and “real life” again … but let’s not get ahead of ourselves; breathe deep and buy the Darrah.

Rider // Darrah Reid-McLean, @DarrahReidM
Artist // Sean Genovese, @seangenovese

Flex = 3.5

“Ah, this camber is just right,” says everyone that ever rides this camber profile.  It’s flat from tip to tail, letting you take control of every situation, but doesn’t lack the liveliness you need for pop, or stability.

A flexible fiberglass layup that is used on the top and bottom of the cores in most of the DWD boards.  AKA, Biax/Biax

A strong, high density base with micro pores that hold wax.  It requires a regular waxing schedule.  It’s our fastest and most durable base material.

Based on a single radius from contact point to contact point.  This style produces one evenly arced turn.

The nose and tail length are the same with sidecut and insert packs that are centered between the contact points.

Style Camber Flex (out of 10) Base Material Effective Edge (cm) Nose width (cm) Waist width (cm) Tail width (cm) Side cut radius (mm) Set Back (mm)
Darrah 146 cm Directinal Twin, Freestyle Goldie camber 4 SINtered 109 28.8 24.4 28.8 7 centered on sidecut
Darrah 149 cm Directinal Twin, Freestyle Goldie camber 4 SINtered 112 29.1 24.5 29.1 7.2 centered on sidecut
Darrah 152 cm Directinal Twin, Freestyle Goldie camber 4 SINtered 115 29.4 24.7 29.4 7.4 centered on sidecut
Darrah 155 cm Directinal Twin, Freestyle Goldie camber 4 SINtered 118 29.6 24.9 29.6 7.6 centered on sidecut