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Dinosaurs Will Die Geeves

Dinosaurs Will Die Geeves
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The art of snowboarding shouldn’t be hindered by large boots. If you desire the space of a wide board, the Geeves board is the perfect tool for making your mark on mother nature’s snow covered canvas. Freestylin’ with finesse is the name of the game while riding this one.

Rider // Andrew Geeves, @Andrew_Geeves
Artist // Andrew Geeves, @andrew_geeves

Flex = 6

You want pop? you got it. You want the feel of your nose and tail stretching out to the
contact points… got that too. Your ol’ pal Camber knows no boundaries; from the park,
to the pow, and the street, this profile can handle it all.

A strong, high density base with micro pores that hold wax. It requires a regular waxing schedule. It’s our fastest and most durable base material.

A blend of multiple radius from tip to tail that contours to the mountain, helping initiate turns and power out of them.

T-Twin - The nose and tail length are the same with sidecut and insert packs that are centered between the contact points.

  Style Camber Flex (out of 10) Base Material Effective Edge (cm) Nose width (cm) Waist width (cm) Tail width (cm) Side cut radius (mm) Set Back (mm)
Geeves 155 cm All mountain freestyle Camber 6 SINtered 114.0 30.3 25.9 30.3 8.95 / 8.05 / 8.95 centered
Geeves 158 cm All mountain freestyle Camber 6 SINtered 118.0 30.6 26.1 30.6 8.85 / 7.95 / 8.85 centered
Geeves 162 cm All mountain freestyle Camber 6 SINtered 121.0 30.9 26.3 30.9 9.05 / 8.15 / 9.05 centered