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Dinosaurs Will Die NeverNot

Dinosaurs Will Die NeverNot
$441.99 - $519.99
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What’s that smell? It’s the sweet scent of DWD… and it ain’t goin’ away. Dino’s here to continue rockin’ this world and decimate the small-minded. Regular camber on a D-twin shape to satisfy your all-mountain-freestylin’ desires. Adorned with the additional Powder-Pack in the front insert pack so you can get that front foot waaaay back on deep days; And an ABS stringer hidden in the center allows you to breath a second life into this board when the time comes and you feel the itch to explore the world of split boarding.

With art direction by Trevor Schy, Ian Keay, Kevin Hanson, and Sam Bakken screaming “We don’t give a shit (or do we?), we just wanna ride!” Make sure you join ‘em, and that you’re comin’ in hot on the NeverNot.

Art direction // Trevor Schy, Ian Keay @iankeay, Kevin Hanson @_kevin_hanson_ & Sam Bakken @sabakkson
Artist // Sean Genovese, @seangenovese

Flex = 7

You want pop?  you got it. You want the feel of your nose and tail stretching out to the contact points… got that too.  Your ol’ pal Camber knows no boundaries; from the park, to the pow, and the street, this profile can handle it all.

A flexible fiberglass layup that is used on the top and bottom of the cores in most of the DWD boards.  AKA, Biax/Biax

A strong, high density base with micro pores that hold wax.  It requires a regular waxing schedule.  It’s our fastest and most durable base material.

A blend of multiple radius from tip to tail that contours to the mountain, helping initiate turns and power out of them.

A longer nose than tail, with sidecut and insert packs that are centered between the contact points.

Retuned for compatibility with mini-disks.  The Powder Pack+ is four extra inserts in addition to the regular 12-pack found in the front set of inserts, enabling you to slam your front binding back for extra deep pow days.

A double wide ABS stringer in the centre of the core running tip to tail, that helps ensure a clean DIY split and added durability.

* DWD recommends that you only attempt to split this board after you’ve used it and it has become your secondary snowboard. Seek the help of a pro shop or individual that is well versed in splitting snowboards.

**A miss-cut during the DIY process of splitting this board, or delaminated board after the board has been cut, is not covered under warranty.

Style Camber Flex (out of 10) Base Material Effective Edge (cm) Nose width (cm) Waist width (cm) Tail width (cm) Side cut radius (mm) Set Back (mm)
NeverNot 153 cm Directinal Twin, Freestyle Camber 7 SINtered 114.2 29.2 24.7 29.2 8.3 / 7.5 / 8.3 centered on sidecut
NeverNot 157 cm Directinal Twin, Freestyle Camber 7 SINtered 116.2 29.9 25.3 29.9 8.6 / 7.7 / 8.6 centered on sidecut
NeverNot 161 cm Directinal Twin, Freestyle Camber 7 SINtered 119.2 30.6 26 30.6 8.9 / 7.7 / 8.9 centered on sidecut