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FIX Binding Co. Opus

FIX Binding Co. Opus
Black Leopard
Women's SM (6-10)
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The women's flagship binding, the Opus is an aluminium heelcup binding that has strength and rigidity in the heel, but is soft and forgiving everywhere else to make this binding flex for lighter riders. It adjusts in every way possible so that the rider can fine tune the fit for their boots and the lightweight injected straps evenly distribute pressure to eliminate pressure points. It's a top-of-the-line performance binding that our top Pros ride because it's responsive, light and super comfortable (not to mention bomb-proof).

FIX SAYS: "This is the women's equivalent to the Magnum, and it's a lightweight, performance binding designed for intermediate to advanced level riders.."

First Shot Nylon | Canted-footbed | Aluminium Buckles | Urethane Dampening Pad | EVA Footbeds | Highback EVA | Stitched Toe & Ankle Strap

Park & Freestyle

Highback: 5/10  |  Base Tray: 5/10 Overall Flex : 5/10

Injected Gel Ankle Strap | Injected Gel toe strap

826g (per binding)

Compatible with 4 hole and 2 hole systems


FIX Opus 20/21