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Slash by Gigi Spectrum

Slash by Gigi Spectrum
$299.99 - $379.00
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Redesigned with more pop and precision, the all-new Spectrum brings a fresh outlook to familiar terrain. We beefed up the board’s chassis by adding positive camber for more refined control and ollie juice.

The board still retains its soft, feel-good flex that makes it playful, easy t o press, butter and jib, but now it has more power on tap. Part of t hat new energy reserve also comes from the Carbonbon layup of carbon fiber stringers underfoot. These stringers boost your ollies and edge control, offering a lively feel around the bindings.

At the heart of t he board is a Pop wood core filled with premium poplar for a consistent flex and a backbone of beech stringers from tip t o tail. It’s packaged in a freestyle true-twin shape t hat’ll change the way you look at terrain.

Flex: 4/10

A tried and true camber profile that offers a precise feel, predictable turns, solid edge hold, suspension and powerful pop. Traditional camber distributes weight evenly and offers a progressive flex pattern.

Pure carbon fiber slabs placed in a cross pattern under the inserts between the base and the core to enhance responsiveness, pop, torsional stiffness and amplify foot movement.

Biax fiberglass is a two-way weave of fiberglass with strands running every 90-degrees. It’s more forgiving, easier to flex and and highly versatile for all terrain types.

Arranged with premium strips of poplar for a lightweight and smooth flex with added beech hardwood stringers tip to tail through the inserts for power transfer and durability.

Triax fiberglass is the time-tested classic. It features a three-way weave of premium fibers with strands running at 45-degree angles. It provides superior pop, consistent torsional flex, and more overall response.

Extruded low-density running base material accepts wax well and absorbs blunt shocks extra.

Our progressive sidecut design blends many radii and smooth contact points for buttery smooth turn initiation, edge-to-edge transition and edge hold. It’s different for each model and matches the sidecut to the board’s specific camber profile.

A vibration dampening rubber used between the steel edge and the sidewall. Absorbs impacts only to a very small degree, its main purpose is to act as an adhesion layer between the edge and sidewall to prevent the possibility of delamination.

The belt finish gets your base optimized before it’s fully waxed.

All Slash boards are factory waxed with OneBallJay wax and ready to shred straight out of the wrapper.