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Freestyle Snowboards

Slash by Gigi Spectrum
$355.99 $419.00 15% Off
Cambered Jibbing The Spectrum is our park board for those who prefer the feel of camber. Positive camber combined with the Carbonbon layup of carbon fibre stringers underfoot delivers revved-up ollies and extra control, but we’ve dialed the spectrum in at 6 out of 10 on the stiffness scale, meaning it’s a jibber’s best friend, allowing flexed presses with a playful nature. Also loaded with a jibber’s other best friend, our Rubber Dampeners will help absorb impacts and help protect the sidewalls.
RIDE Snowboards Burnout
$434.99 - $462.99 $579.95 Up to 25% Off
Light up the streets and the park on our tested and proven freestyle stick The Burnout does its dirty work in the park and streets. The unique sidecut design—boasting a straighter tip and tail radius blended with an aggressive mid-section—allows the rider to track straight in and out of features but still lay down a carve when needed. This board is designed to meet the needs of the modern freestyle rider. The Linear Twin Sidecut design paired with Flat Kick Tips increases underfoot width, enhances leverage on landings, increases edge hold through turns and improves stability on a flat base. Carbon Slimewalls enhance response and stability without adding stiffness. The Burnout is a high-end twin for an intermediate to advanced rider looking to avoid the stress and frustration commonly associated with riding the same old high-end freestyle shape. - Design: Twin Hybrid Camber - Specialty: Park/Groomers - Response: Medium Construction Features: - Twin Hybrid Camber - Linear Twin Sidecut - Sintered, Stone Ground Base - Performance Core - Cleave Edge - Carbon Slimewalls - Double Impact Plates - Carbon Array 5 - Hybrid Glass - Flat Kick Tips - Roll-In Construction
Lib Tech JAMIE LYNN '96
$527.99 $659.99 20% Off
Jamie Lynn’s classic 1996 freestyle stick is new again! If you shredded in the 90’s this stick is just what you need to push your snowboarding to new levels. If you were too young to see Jamie make a mark in those golden days of freestyle snowboarding, this stick is right on point for everything going on right now in modern freestyle snowboarding (check some classic Mack Dawg vids... Melt Down Project, Stomping Grounds and Simple Pleasures are all bangers): camber, radial sidecut, tighter radius tip and tail curves (modernized for better soft snow shredding). This one is sure to be a collectors item again! • JAMIE’S CLASSIC 1996 FREESTYLE STICK IS NEW AGAIN! • TWIN CAMBER FREESTYLE ATV TAKES YOU TO STRAIGHT TO THE STOMPING GROUNDS • POWER FREESTYLE IS STILL WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT ART BY: Jamie Lynn (@jamiemlynn) “For the last couple of years we’ve been shifting towards a directional based snowboard. It’s time to get back to basics... and I could not think of a better way to do this than to offer a classic twin tip freestyle board that was truly one of my favorites... ‘96 was a good year. Let myself and Lib Tech help you get this board under your feet and make this year the best one ever.” -Jamie Lynn
Lib Tech RYME
$423.99 $529.99 20% Off
The Ryme is equally comfortable on high speed superpark lines as it is on natural terrain playgrounds. This performance twin is a jibber, jumper, gapper and a lover of rhythmic freestyle flow. The early rise camber dominant C3 profile creates an effortless lift in soft snow, making surfy slashes or smooth butters irresistible. With Magne-Traction® edges to turn ice into powder, and a poppy, lightweight aspen/paulownia core, the Ryme practically guarantees NBD’s. • TWIN FREESTYLE TRANSITION SEEKER • POPPY CATCH-FREE EARLY RISE CAMBER • STOMPS LANDINGS OR SURFY SLASHES WITH EASE ART BY: Nick Russian (@noexactrules) “The Ryme is a versatile and stable snowboard. It can handle all types of snowboarding. I rode this all summer in slushy conditions and I rode it on mid winter powder days. It’s really responsive when engaging in turns. It’s sturdy enough to hit jumps at full speed and stomp just about everything. I also use it to hit rails in the park and streets. Especially when the spot is bigger and I need something trustworthy. The C3 is my favorite and I love looking down at the shape of the board.” - Katie Kennedy
Lib Tech TRS | Total Ripper Series
Our new Org-Throttle transverse grain bamboo energy transfer platforms built into a powerful C3 cambered slopestyle board that has become a go to for progressive freestyle shredding all over the mountain from the park to the backcountry. Brand new technology meets a long history of competitive wins in every terrain discipline imaginable... Olympic medals, World Freeride Tour gold, slopestyle championships and lots of Good Woods. Stacked with tech including a poppy long lasting eco friendly FSC certified core and competition ready sintered base this is the perfect aggressive freestyle snowboard! A Phil Hansen, Joey Okesson and Liam Gill favorite. • HIGH PERFORMANCE FREESTYLERS DREAM BOARD • FREESTYLES THE WHOLE MOUNTAIN LOVES THE PARK • NEW ORG-THROTTLE ENERGY TRANSFER PLATFORMS ART BY: Phil Hansen (@firealarmphil) “The TRS was the first Lib Tech board I ever rode and I rode it through my final contest days and into my first street part. Since then, I’ve always came back to it when I’ve wanted a twin board to ride park and the mountain and have tons of fun cruising. I love how it turns and let’s me ride in all directions, it’s a perfect all around board for all conditions.” - Phil Hansen
Gnu B Nice
$367.99 $459.99 20% Off
For nice days, with nice friends, riding nice terrain, The B-Nice is a twin all mountain board with an approachable shape, softer flex, and our Original Banana Hybrid contour for catch-free progression. Even if your friends aren’t nice or the terrain is hammered, the B-Nice will smooth out any drama and make your day a little more playful. Magne-Traction® adds predictable edge-control to the long list of this board’s niceties. A lot of tech for a nice price, the B-Nice lives up to its name. • Nice and easy riding twin • Freestyle progression on the whole mountain • Magne-Traction® for enhanced edge control Board art Amber Vittoria @amber_vittoria
Dinosaurs Will Die Brat
$276.99 - $295.99 $369.99 Up to 25% Off
A powerful board for light-riders, whether you’re male or female! The time and effort put into the design of the Brat has resulted in a board that connects with each rider on a higher level, effortlessly bending to the will of your demands as if it were an extension of your mind. If you’re a light rider, this board is your destiny. Flex = 3
Dinosaurs Will Die Darrah
$424.99 - $499.99 $499.99 Up to 15% Off
Are all your circuits maxed out with the day-to-day distractions and responsibilities? And when it comes to your snow days, do you have a hard time deciding what terrain you want to ride? Or which board to strap into? Let us take a load off your mind and help you find some peace with the latter. The Darrah board is your golden ticket to a great day on any terrain in any conditions. A medium flex board with Goldie camber on a SINtered base. You’ll be in heavenly bliss … until those mind monsters start chattering about “last run” and “real life” again … but let’s not get ahead of ourselves; breathe deep and buy the Darrah. #DarrahBoard Rider // Darrah Reid-McLean, @DarrahReidM Artist // Sean Genovese, @seangenovese Flex = 3.5
Dinosaurs Will Die NeverNot
$441.99 - $519.99 $519.99 Up to 15% Off
What’s that smell? It’s the sweet scent of DWD… and it ain’t goin’ away. Dino’s here to continue rockin’ this world and decimate the small-minded. Regular camber on a D-twin shape to satisfy your all-mountain-freestylin’ desires. Adorned with the additional Powder-Pack in the front insert pack so you can get that front foot waaaay back on deep days; And an ABS stringer hidden in the center allows you to breath a second life into this board when the time comes and you feel the itch to explore the world of split boarding. With art direction by Trevor Schy, Ian Keay, Kevin Hanson, and Sam Bakken screaming “We don’t give a shit (or do we?), we just wanna ride!” Make sure you join ‘em, and that you’re comin’ in hot on the NeverNot. #NeverNotBoard Art direction // Trevor Schy, Ian Keay @iankeay, Kevin Hanson @_kevin_hanson_ & Sam Bakken @sabakkson Artist // Sean Genovese, @seangenovese Flex = 7
Dinosaurs Will Die Wizard Stick
$381.99 - $449.99 $449.99 Up to 15% Off
Come closer and peer into the future… it’s your future, and life is good with the Wizard Stick under your command. Why is it so good you wonder? Crossbreed camber gives you the power of camber between your feet and playfulness of reverse camber on the nose and tail. The SINtered base is devilishly fast and nearly indestructible. And a few additional inserts, that we’ve dubbed the Powder-pack, on the front insert pack are the special ingredient you’ll need on those extra deep pow days. All eyes will be on you when you’re runnin’ the Wizard Stick; the board that magically makes you better #WizardStickBoard Artist // John Garoutte, @fingerboardcompany Flex = 6
Dinosaurs Will Die maeT
$339.99 - $399.99 $399.99 Up to 15% Off
Collab with The Interior Plain Project Each season we join forces with a brand, crew, or person(s) that defines what our definition of the soul of snowboarding is. In the past, it’s been artists, crews, boarders with brands outside of the snowboard world, and brands within snowboarding. Commonalities we see time and again are passion, creativity, and tenacity… an understanding that progression and success aren’t handed out on silver platters. This season we have the pleasure of partnering with Interior Plain Project! No stranger to producing boards, the admiration we have for Pete and everyone involved with IPP runs deep! The attention to detail and layers that go into everything they do is second to none; and we’re SO excited to collaborate and be a part of another layer together, brace yourself for “Man-Mad Horrors”! Brand/artist statement: The capsule collection "Man-Made Horrors” manifested from humans becoming their own worst enemies. “Humanity has an inherent reputation to destroy themselves with the very things they create. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we’re all our own worst enemy” - Justin Theroux (link ig/website). In collaboration with Dallas Currie (link ig/website) the vision is lead by a photographic juxtaposition of man succumbing to their own inventions right between the feet. The digestive-like worm floods the top sheet emulating complete embodiment. The nose and tail hark a metaphorical middle finger towards the constant drive to be accepted. Finally finished with homage to all the IPP pilots and the unique group of riders who choose to take their own line. - all in all: be yourself. #maeTBoard #DWDx @TheInteriorPlainProject @TheInteriorPlainProject Artist // Justin Theroux @TherouxDesign & Dallas Currie @DallasCurrie Flex = 5
CAPiTA Snowboarding Birds Of A Feather
$424.99 $499.95 15% Off
WOMEN’S / BLENDED RADIAL / TRUE TWIN A technical dead ringer of the best-selling D.O.A. series, the Birds of a Feather offers all the performance of one of the most sought-after snowboards in the world replicated into flex patterns and geometric sizing to meet women's riding requests. This snow-board is so damn fun that the do-anything, go-anywhere Birds of a Feather is ready to change your riding forever. With a medium flex that's easy to turn and an elongated effective edge ready to carve up the slopes, this hybrid-camber, all-terrain destroyer has inspired countless knockoffs chasing its success. Such emulation comes with the territory given that the Birds of a Feather has won every major design award in the industry. With an all-new P2 Superlight Core™ and eight standard-width sizes to choose from, the Birds of a Feather now breaks down industry barriers with a Women's dedicated wide offering and is ready to take your snowboarding to new heights. RIDER TYPE: The all-condition rider ready for an award winning mountain experience. FLEX: 5
CAPiTA Snowboarding Mercury
$509.99 $599.95 15% Off
EVERYONE’S / NEW AGE PROGRESSIVE / DIRECTIONAL / 0.5” SET BACK A favorite of all-terrain masters like Kevin Backstrom and Arthur Longo, the Mercury will get you into and out of every possible situation. This award-winning series is renowned for all-terrain versatility, from powder and kickers to side hits and laps around the park. It has been designed for power when you want it and float when you need it. For 2022, the Mercury is now available in a 147 size for smaller riders. With this board, there's no need to check the weather report because it can handle it all. Featuring a new Hover Core™, among many other technical attributes like Amplitex™ V-Tech Amplifiers, the Mercury's durability and ollie power reign supreme. RIDER TYPE: This guy doesn’t check the weather report he just shows up and rips. FLEX: 6.5 Base colors vary | Black/White or White/Black
CAPiTA Snowboarding THE EQUALIZER by Jess Kimura
$396.99 $529.95 25% Off
WOMEN’S / BLENDED RADIAL / DIRECTIONAL / 0.5” SET BACK Inspired by Jess Kimura's progression from the streets to the backcountry, The Equalizer was born to level the playing field on the mountain and offer riders a high-end all-mountain option designed specifically for women. These boards feature a custom-designed hybrid camber profile, which allows for incredible control—making you a better snowboarder in variable terrain and changing conditions. The signature ride and response have been created by implementing a P2 Superlight Core™ to achieve a desirable flex for all-mountain terrain, while Technora™ + Flax Boosters have been retained in the construction to provide longitudinal power. Also featuring a Quantum Drive™ high-speed sintered base, The Equalizer is one of the most technically advanced women's freeride boards available. RIDER TYPE: The dedicated spirit that believes everything is possible FLEX: 5.5 • Multitech™ Level 4 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen + PAM16000™ Topsheet w/ Metallic Underlay • Multitech™ Sublimation + Die-cut Base • PLT Topsheet Technology™ • 360 Degree HRC48 Steel Edges • Full ABS1000 Sidewalls • Stainless Steel 4 x 2 Inserts
CAPiTA The Outsiders
$492.99 - $579.95 $579.95 Up to 15% Off
As a CAPiTA team favorite, The Outsiders crushes park jumps, side hits, and freestyle features around the globe. With a revolutionary camber configuration featuring small zero-camber sections integrated into specific sidecut blend zones near the tip and tail, you can enjoy the pop and power of traditional camber with unmatched stability at high speeds. For 2022, the superpowers of The Outsiders just got supercharged. All-new Aramid Body Armor provides a finely balanced combination of vibration dampening and strength in high-pressure zones when dealing with bigger jumps. With many other high-end technical components and an array of standard and wide sizes to choose from-The Outsiders maximizes the speed and power possible from a lightweight and energetic board.
Lib Tech Off Ramp
Designed and refined all year by Phil Hansen, Matteo Soltane and friends as the ultimate freestyle jib stick... street and creative spot scopin’, clip stackin’, high fivin’ fun is built in. Built to take it to another level, the Off Ramp is no one trick pony and loves getting loose, but tight with your crew in park all over the resort. C3 Camber, twin pill shape, mini Magne-Traction® on a poppy rugged Aspen and Paulownia core and street tough sintered base. Send us your clips. LIKES FREESTYLE AND ATTACKS METAL DESIGNED BY PHIL HANSEN, MATTEO SOLTANE AND FRIENDS ROPE TOW FRIENDLY ART BY: Coleen Lawler and Phil Hansen (philiphansen)
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